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Carrie Genzel on the Perils and Rewards of Guest Starring on Supernatural!


carrie jmi2

It’s no secret that I loved the recent Supernatural episode, ‘Just My Imagination.’ I loved Jenny Klein’s script, I loved Richard Speight’s directing, I loved the cinematography, I loved the acting. So I was thrilled to have a chance to talk to Carrie Genzel, the actress who played the cluelessly glitter-and-blood-smeared mom so brilliantly. Little did I know that our conversation would end up being so much fun – and so hysterical!

Lynn: Thanks for chatting with me, I was really looking forward to talking to you.

Carrie: Oh me too, I loved your article, the one I commented on about the episode. I was like, wow, Lynn’s really thorough!

Lynn: [laughing] That’s one way of putting it. Kathy would say I just can’t shut up! Grad school makes you very detail oriented…and then you can’t unlearn it!

Carrie: Yeah but that’s a good thing. Everybody thinks they can write…

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Revolution vs Supernatural

Some ramblings by a Supernatural fan who happens to watch Revolution too.

Revolution vs Supernatural

I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since the end of season 2 and I started watching Revolution from the pilot on. Both shows were created by Eric Kripke and share quite a few producers, cast and creative heads.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that certain scenes in Revolution look a lot like one of Supernatural’s episodes and yep, the credits reveal that both were directed by the same director.

Supernatural started as a horror series featuring urban legends and two brothers on the road pursuing the family business: saving people, hunting things. Early on executive producer Robert Singer realized that the heart of Supernatural is all about family.

Apparenty this new emphasis worked out so well on Supernatural that Kripke constructed his new series Revolution solely on family. Power outage, strange amulets and nanotechnology? The writer’s don’t really care about that, it’s a set up for their family drama. Why waste precious dialogue over nerdy issues. Since we believe in warp drive, repulsors and sex pollens – we might as well believe in little nano bugs eating every bit of electricity on a whole planet within minutes. And, what do those amulets exactly – besides giving the prop master some headaches?

Whereas Supernatural is a horror show involving family drama, Revolution is a family drama involving inconsistent pseudoscience with a side of civil war. Yes, let’s not forget about the revolution on Revolution which is basically the excuse to have fight scenes and explosions on screen.

Back to the family drama. In both shows relatives and friends love, lie, betray, hurt, sacrifice themselves or kill each other. Lots of Supernatural fans watch their favorite show with a box of tissues. Although in theory all characters that are offed on Supernatural can come back, seeing them die is so much more painful and excruciating than the deaths on Revolution. No Supernatural fan will ever forget how Ellen and Jo sacrificed themselves for the brothers or how Bobby was shot whereas I already forgot the name of the blonde English chick on Revolution or why Nora died. And the only two thoughts I had when Danny died were „stupid“ and „foreseeable“.

Giancarlo Esposito and David Lyons are both great villains and you can see and feel how they try to put more depth into their characters than the poorly written scripts offer them. But which character could hold a candle to Death or Lucifer himself?

I personally like Billy Burke as Miles so much that I will continue watching Revolution just for him (and Zac Orth). I’m still wondering at which point Kripke and the writers came up with the Miles-Rachel romance because the only sparks I saw was only a few secenes before they finally kissed.

Maybe I’m biased by watching cast interviews, but I could totally see Miles or Charlie falling for the other – although that might perhaps cause some Homo Faber conflict.

In my opinion both Tracy Spiridakos and Elizabeth Mitchell struggle with the dialogue they’ve been given especially when their lines are one-to-one from Supernatural.

The casting of Supernatural, even when it comes to supporting roles, is outstanding, no doubt about that. Every time a former Supernatural cast member comes on board to Revoution, they delivere. Too bad all of them are now dead or forgotten.

It took me a while to recognize Zac Orth who plays Aaron on Revolution. He was in some goofy teenager comedy in the 90s and althoug I watched that movie for the main lead I began rooting for his character. Zac Orth has great comedic timing and talent and I just wish they would use this more often on Revolution (and shave his beard). Having Aaron live with a girlfriend just six months after the end of season 1 felt wrong. This was only done to give him a reason to go into a fight solely because the writers needed him to be deathly wounded. Since Revolution isn’t Supernatural I didn’t expect him to come back from the dead and while Rachel was mourning him, I already accepted his departure consoling myself that he will hopefully find a new (and better) role on another show soon.

It would have been a shame to kill him off, so I was glad to see him come back from the dead and I’m looking foreward to next week’s episode. This time they better have a good explanation!

Please bear with my writing,  I’m not a native speaker. If you find any misspellings or grammatical errors you might as well keep them 😉

Star Wars birthday party

So my son turned 8 last week and he is a huge Star Wars fan. He loves his Lego Star Wars models and he has watched all episodes (except episode III) and The Clone Wars anime. Of course he wanted a Star Wars themed b-day party!

The invitation card wasn’t fancy but I used the Star Wars font Distant Galaxy.



My son has a few Lego planets (Yavin 4, Endor and Tatooine) that I hung up on the ceiling, a few smaller Lego models, some folded paper starfighters (see below) and of course the Z-95 Headhunter. I used nylon cord and the guests got all excited about being „in space“.

We also had a watermelon death star (advice: use a melon that is dark green allover) and had special drinks!



Which Star Wars character am I?

We started the games by handing out paper headbands to every kid. Then we attached photos of Star Wars characters without them seeing what they got.

Now they asked questions in turns that the others had to answer with either „Yes“ or „No“ to find out which character is shown on their photo.

Asteroid field

It was very hot that day so the two teams competed against each other in transporting water through an asteroid field (on the pavement) using a small dolly.


Darth Maul

I painted Darth Maul’s face on a red soft ball with a permanent marker and the two teams had to put the ball in the water, carry or throw the soaked ball across a distance and wring it out over a second bucket.



Death Star Turbo Laser Tower

With the Nerf soaker they had to shoot out the candle on top of the laser tower.



Darth Vader likes chocolate!

You need some chocolate which is nicely wrapped in lots of layers (advice: use tape not string), a fork, a knife, a mask, a pair of big gloves and a die. Every kid throws the die and if it doesn’t show a „6“ the die has to be passed on to the next player. When someone rolls a „6“ this player has to put on the gloves, wear the mask andstarts unwrapping or cutting the packet with fork and knife (we handed out the knife the moment the boy had the gloves and mask on and took it away when he had to stop just to keep the game save!). The player can try to unwrap the packet until another player rolls a „6“. Then he has to pass on the gear and packet to this player. We stopped the game the moment the paper was removed and the chocolate exposed because the high temperature already started to melt the chocolate. So we cut it into pieces and handed them out to all players. Image

Luke’s lightsaber training

We put some sound device from a toy into the Lego death star, knotted some string to it and attached this on a long branch that I held up over the players. The players were blindfolded and had to listen to the sound of the death star and then try touching it with their lightsabers. Image

At the end of the day everyone folded their own starfighter. I found this book including the papers to make 30 planes (6 different models) –  which is pretty cool. Not all boys could fold the paper as neatly as afforded and they needed a bit of help, but the easier models only took like 10 mins to fold!


This book will soon be published in German too!